Traditional solar ground-mounting systems are constructed in steel and extruded aluminium with foundations that are secured by piles that are driven several metres into the ground.  There are however instances where the underground geology is too hard, rendering this approach difficult or impossible. Stocks Blocks were designed in response to geology problems encountered by a 10 MW solar farm in the Northern Territory and a 410kW project in Sydney.


Stocks Blocks provide a robust surface-level solution enabling solar panels to be deployed wherever the geology is problematic, or where access is limited, opening up new locations and opportunities. With a 25 year life expectancy, the blocks are suited to market standard solar farm PPA’s.



Drilling for foundations requires specialised pile-driving machinery which is expensive to purchase and to deploy. As the industry scales, these machines are in increasingly high demand. Drilling needs experienced teams for safe, effective and efficient operations. 

Stocks Blocks can be installed without specialised equipment or skilled workforce, resulting in significant reductions in labour costs. In addition, Stocks Blocks can have a DC cabling solution embedded, so there is no need for trenching or lengthy cable tray runs. Estimated to be at least 20% cheaper than traditional EPC systems.




The environmental impact of plastics, in particular those that are not rescued and recycled from the waste stream, is of major concern globally. The use of recycled plastic is a non-negotiable in the Stocks Blocks business model, and with each block constructed from 35% to 50% recycled plastic, there is potential to remove 1000’s of tonnes of plastic from the Australian/global waste stream that would otherwise end up in landfill.



Can be installed in 60 seconds.

Can be installed by two people.

Safe to deploy and install.

Cheap to deploy and install.

35 to 50% Australian Recycled Plastic.

Flatpack system for easy transport.