Design Philosophy

STOCKS BLOCKS patents were submitted by Adams Pluck in June 2019 and are currently `Patent Pending’ on two revisions.


Stocks Blocks are manufactured in Australia by Columbia Australia Pty Ltd. Columbia Australia was established in 1956 as a toolmaker, making moulds for the automotive industry and has been in injection moulding for forty years. Experts in part design, Columbia Australia partnered with Stocks Blocks to design a revolutionary new modular system for solar farms. The light weight design allows for flat pack styled logistics and made for simple assembly.  The most recent version as shown in the video below demonstrates the ease of installation. The most recent version as shown in the video below is 50% lighter  and installation can be undertaken  by two unskilled labourers reducing  overall EPC costs.

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 12.09.45 pm.pn

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